Model Bills

1889’s expert team of policymakers and attorneys have written model bills on a variety of subjects – from school choice to court reform. While 1889’s focus is on Oklahoma, these models could easily be adapted to other states, and represent good policy anywhere. 1889’s team is happy to address lawmakers regarding the particulars of these models. 

Basic Government Transparency Act – This bill requires the state to post information about every governmental body that has authority over a given area, as well as demanding easily-accessible financial transparency from every state governmental body.

Corporate Welfare Prohibition Compact – This bill proposes a comprehensive solution for ending corporate welfare across the states.

Education Savings Account Act – This bill proposes a $4,500 ESA for every school-age child, with net savings for the implementing state.

Private Certification Act – This bill allows states to create a more competitive and open system of professional credentialing. Private certification would provide for competitive credentialing that would lower prices of services for consumers and provide them better information. It would also create more opportunity for potential service providers than licensing allows.

Professional Teacher Act – This bill creates an opportunity for education practitioners – teachers –  to start and run their own schools, compete for public funding according to student and parent choice, with accountability based on transparency. If passed, teachers would have the freedom to start and run their own practices, just like doctors, lawyers, and plumbers.

Public Employee Strike Prohibition Act – This bill prohibits strikes by public employees, and sets out penalties for violations.

Model Bill Publications